Moving has never been this easy

Not happy with your current web hosting provider? Thinking about a change? Choose Zenutech and we will do all the heavy lifting.

Still have some credit remaining with your current web host?

Don't waste another minute with another web hosting provider. If you still have some months left with your current web host for which you have paid, just show us your invoice and proof of payment and we will credit your Zenutech account for those months (up to a maximum of 6 months and it cannot be combined with any other promotional offers).

If you have any questions about this offer, e-mail us at or give us a call at 1-866-936-8832.

  1. Contact us about moving your site

    Simply e-mail us or give us a call saying you would like your web site transferred to Zenutech from another web hosting provider. We will get back to you with any questions we may have about transferring your site.

    Here's a few things you should include in your initial request:

  2. Order a web hosting plan

    Next you will need to review our web hosting plans and place an order for one of those plans. Now you will have a web hosting account with us where we can copy your web site to and test it before we actually transfer it.

  3. Send us login information for your current host

    These details are only necessary if you want us to copy the website files and databases from your old hosting provider to Zenutech.

    You will need to send us your login information to access the control panel and FTP of your account with your current web hosting provider. For the control panel this includes the URL, username, and password, and for the FTP we need the server name, username, and password.

    If you have SSH access, you should also provide these login details.

  4. We copy your web site and test

    Now that we have access to your web site files we can copy them over to that new web hosting account you just opened with us. We will copy the following:

    • All files including HTML, images, PHP scripts, etc.
    • Databases
    • FTP accounts
    • E-mail addresses and settings
    • Awstats data files (if available)

    Once all the files are copied, we will test to make sure your web site is working. You will be able to test your web site as well.

    Please note that for simple sites, we do not charge a fee. For complex management systems with databases, an hourly fee may be required. Please contact us for an estimate.

  5. Point your domain name at our servers

    Finally, the web site is ready to go, we just need to update your domain name so that it points at our servers instead of your old web host. It will take up to a few of days for the domain name update to take effect.

    Once the domain name changes take effect, you can cancel your web hosting with your old web host and happily deal with Zenutech from now on.